Apartments in a very centre of Krakow

How to feel the unique atmosphere of Krakow? Walk around the Planty park, sit on the Market Square with a bagel in your hand and live in a 16th-century tenement house in the very center of the Old Town. See our apartments in the heart of the historic part of Krakow!

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A city that combines fairy-tale magic and innovative development, attracts many artists, entrepreneurs and tourists every year. Here everyone will find something for themselves: cozy cafes and cellar bars; art galleries and concert halls; traditional restaurants and dance clubs. The numerous parks, green spaces and bike paths make getting around on foot, by bike – or by scooter – easy and fun.

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Vintage Apartments are places with a soul. They are located in nearly 400-year-old tenement houses, characteristic of Krakow’s buildings. In keeping with the local fashion, the interiors combine a timeless style with modern equipment. Stylized décor and luxurious arrangements will allow you to feel the uniqueness of the place where you are even more.